Because care and
quality go together.

It’s not the wind, it’s the sail that determines where you go. We provide healthcare personnel throughout Germany and offer a total package consisting of: the recruitment, training, qualification and integration of professionals and trainees for care work.

We put our technical expertise in international personnel to use, relying on our many years of experience and the outstanding reputation of the Alfa Group. An outstanding network, intercultural proficiency and a strong backbone make us a powerful, reliable partner to hospitals and care institutions. We subscribe to the Diversity Charter and follow our own Code of Conduct – to ensure that social interactions are governed by gender equality and to promote a vibrant corporate culture. Our corporate principles governing the customer-driven, high-quality, sustainable placement of international caregivers and trainees are reflected in our mission statement.

We strive every day to achieve the highest quality in the care sector with professionals from around the world. Our candidates come from Brazil, Lebanon, Mexico, the Philippines and Turkey.

About the “Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany” seal of approval

The “Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany” seal of approval is a state seal of approval issued by the Federal Republic of Germany for the recruitment of caregivers from third countries by the private sector. The seal of approval is issued by the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG).

With four major quality areas, 19 criteria and 56 indicators, the seal of approval is synonymous with the highest standards for the fair, ethical recruitment and placement of international caregivers.

Als erster privater Personalvermittler in Deutschland mit TÜV-Siegel und aufgrund unseres unbedingten Anspruchs an nachhaltige Vermittlung und Integration ist es für uns selbstverständlich, dass wir eine der ersten Agenturen deutschlandweit sind, die sich staatlich zertifizieren ließ.

Further information on the seal of approval
“Fair Recruitment of Care Personnel Germany”

Strong figures, strong content.

Reliable, certified, successful: We strain every sinew in working on an equal footing with our partners and clients to provide caregivers and trainees from abroad. We think of the big picture but also the details. With Hanseatic reliability, warm-heartedness and a wealth of knowledge. Because that’s what counts.


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Diversity Charter

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Kilometer Luftlinie von
Manila nach Hamburg

Education with certificate: Language training in the home country

Schon im Heimatland Deutsch lernen: Dafür tragen wir Sorge. Wir arbeiten mit renommierten Sprachschulen zusammen, um den Kandidat*innen deutsche Sprache und Kultur zu vermitteln und sie auf eine A1-B2 Sprachprüfung vorzubereiten.

In the Philippines, we even take care of this ourselves. Our long-term relationships on the ground have led us to set up our own language schools with locations in Manila and Cebu. The curriculum includes integration topics on living and working in Germany. Our language school is the first German language school in the Philippines whose quality management is certified to ISO 9001:2015. It is held in high regard by clients and students alike.

The certified teachers report to us not just from Manila and Cebu but also Ankara, Brasilia, Beirut and Mexico City. Our students are characterized by their enthusiasm for learning, conscientiousness and passion for their profession.

Here’s how the
placement process works.

We are meticulous in everything we do. We design our placement process to be effective and reliable and to comply with our high quality criteria. We take responsibility for all the organizational steps on behalf of our clients until caregivers start work and also look after their integration with a demonstrably successful support program.

Language training including final exam

Selection of personnel by video interview

Contract of employment

Procurement of all the relevant documents including the visa application

Booking of flights and arrival in Germany

6 – 12 months

Integration Process

Arrival in Germany

Start of work

Support for nurses

Support of employer

Vocational recognition certificate

Ongoing process in the first 6 to 12 months

Our centerpiece: integration support.

We understand the provision of personnel in the round. The concept implemented by Personnel Care management starts in the home countries of our international caregivers and trainees. After a successful placement, the caregivers are inducted into their hospital or care home by Personnel Care managers and our clients, and supported in everyday life in Germany. The triangular relationship between caregiver, Personnel Care manager and our clients promotes sustainable communication and organization structures: for best care service, the demonstrable capacity of our caregivers and trainees to integrate as well as satisfied, long-term clients.

For Caregivers

Dear caregivers,

We are pleased that you have chosen Alfa Personnel Care and working in care in Germany. You have made a right and courageous choice! Of course, you may face many challenges, especially in the early days. For better orientation and support, you will find important information here on the recognition process and on working as a caregiver in Germany. We at Alfa Personnel Care are at your side as an experienced and competent partner for all your needs and are happy to support you!

Our office hours:

Mon – Fri: 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

You can reach us at:

+49 40 450 143 741

Do you have feedback?

Here you will find information on our integration offer,
Personnel Care Management (PCM)

We take responsibility.

These are the individuals behind our successful projects, sophisticated quality management and our great humanity. In our Hamburg headquarters and in offices around Germany, we work professionally and in a spirit of partnership to generate the best value added for our caregivers and clients. In our daily work, we give space to individual personalities and we pull together as a team. We feel at home in the health sector: people are the focus of all we do. We embrace a culture of taking ownership and we see ourselves as a stakeholder. For the success of our company.

Katharina kleine Kalvelage

Project Manager

Alfa Personnel Care stands for professionalism, a holistic approach and humanity.

Rebekka Reichardt

Head of Project Management & Marketing

From a different continent to Hamburg and all over Germany – I am at the interface and I manage this process with great attention to detail.

Thorsten Meier

Managing Director

With Alfa Personnel Care, I am able to dedicate my experience and skills to a philanthropic cause. Because we have to strengthen care.

Tim Quester

Business Development Management & Quality Management

We stand for sustainable, innovative care in Germany.

Petra Jürs

Office Management

For me, working in the health sector means taking care of the well-being of my colleagues.

Ute Berns

Office Management

I am motivated by the opportunity to work in the field of care which will be so vital in the future and to support people in starting a new career.

Andreas Orbach


My main skill lies in my ability to focus on the client’s specific needs and to prepare tailored offers!

Katharina Penke

Back Office & Complaints Management

The benefits for our clients are that we can act flexibly, fast and with in-depth knowledge of the German care sector.

Thorsten Palm

Head of Operations and Sales

For me, helping people means strengthening care in Germany. I am very glad to work with Alfa Personnel Care to this end on a daily basis.

Merle von Spreckelsen

Personnel Care Manager

My position makes me proud because I am convinced of our integration concept. Working with international care personnel motivates me daily!

Rebekka Stein-Ertural

Personal Care Manager

The well-being of caregivers and trainees and their integration in Germany is a subject dear to my heart and is a daily source of motivation to me!

Wiebke Sattelberg

Integrations Manager

One pillar of the heaths system today are international care worker and there integration motivates me every day.

Micaela Cubela

Office Manager

For me, working at Alfa Personnel Care means that I can help shape the future of our society. My motivation: an open world where diversity enriches us all.

Offene Stellen:

Wir suchen Mitarbeiter*innen, die unsere Unternehmenskultur leben und
Teil unseres hochmotivierten Teams werden möchten.
Zurzeit haben wir folgende Positionen zu besetzen:

Highly qualified personnel –
the key to success.

We provide highly qualified staff for hospitals, care homes and out-patient services. With the aid of our extensive pool of candidates, we succeed in recruiting potential staff for training places to become a caregiver in Germany and in meeting our clients’ individual need for healthcare professionals. Our international caregivers have qualifications in the following areas, to name but some:

Collaborations and memberships

Partner for first-class care.

We have qualified care personnel and candidates for training places available for your requirements and wishes. Each skilled worker undergoes our systematically proven process, starting in certified language schools in their home country. Professionalism, guaranteed quality standards as well as a national and international network are the guarantee for our high level of customer satisfaction. We have a complete package ready for you.

Thorsten Palm

+49 40 450 143 742


Do you have feedback?
Please send it to us at:

Our office hours:
Mon – Fri: 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Unser deutschlandweites Kundennetzwerk

Enquire about your individual project now!


Integration: our key to success!

Choose the services that suit you best from the following modules. Initial integration:
Personal support during the first days of the caregiver's stay in Germany by the Personnel Care Manager:

  • Arrangements with the client regarding the furnishing of the flat
  • If necessary, organising the first purchases and the welcome gift
  • Organisation of the transfer to the place of residence or work
  • Pick-up from the airport
  • Registration of residence
  • Opening an account
  • Taking out private liability insurance
  • SIM card purchase / mobile phone contract

Personnel Care Management on site (includes the initial integration):
The Personnel Care Management (PCM) supports the caregivers for up to 12 months on site and is the contact person in all life situations, e.g.:

  • Establishing contact already in the home country in order to build up the bond
  • Viewing of flats before arrival (if necessary, internet - selection of providers)
  • Contact person for the integration officer of the client
  • On-site support and organisation of all official issues, medical measures, further training and recognition issues (employer subsidies fall within the client’s remit
  • Socially relevant issues & social / cultural integration (e.g. introduction to the region, "country and people", leisure activities
  • Employer support (incl. intercultural sensitisation
  • Orientation at the workplace (incl. contacting the HR department
  • Orientation in the home (questions relevant to the home: e.g. instruction in household appliances, furnishings, cleaning schedule
  • Mobility (e.g. introduction to public transport, traffic regulations, bicycle purchase
  • Support with family reunification

Personnel Care Management from the head office:
The Personnel Care Management (PCM) supports the caregivers in the first 6– 12 months from the head office and is the contact person in all life situations, e.g.:

  • Establishing contact already in the home country in order to build up the bond
  • Contact person for the integration officer of the client
  • Personal welcome upon arrival in Germany
  • Support for caregivers via video call, messenger, e-mail and telephone
  • Support and organisation with all official matters
  • Assistance with filling in documents
  • Socially relevant questions
  • Support with family reunification

Processing status: November 1, 2021
Next review: November 1, 2023

General Terms and Conditions of Business (AGB) Last amended: November 2021

der Alfa Personnel Care GmbH, Sitz: Cadenberge, AG Tostedt, HRB 110758
(im Folgenden: Personalvermittler)
Hallerstraße 40, 20146 Hamburg
Geschäftsführer: Thorsten Meier & Steffen Nitscher

Section 1 General

  1. Orders from clients (hereinafter referred to as: clients) to the Personnel Agency for the provision of personnel agency services will be carried out in accordance with these Gen-eral Terms and Conditions of Business. The General Terms and Conditions of Business apply for the entire duration of the business relationship, even if payment is made by third parties.
  2. These General Terms and Conditions of Business apply exclusively. The Client’s General Terms and Conditions of Business will only apply to the extent that the Personnel Agency explicitly agrees to them in writing.
  3. If individual provisions in the General Terms and Conditions of Business prove to be inva-lid, all remaining provisions will continue to have binding force.

Section 2 Services

  1. The Client appoints the Personnel Agency to provide trainees in the caring profession as well as foreign caregivers who can be deployed as caregivers at short notice and as cer-tified caregivers once their qualifications have been recognized (hereinafter referred to as: caregivers).
  2. As the employer, the Client will conclude a contract of employment or training contract directly with the relevant caregiver as the employee. The Personnel Agency will not be a party to the contract of employment and will not be the employer or trainer of the relevant caregiver.
  3. The Personnel Agency has notified the responsible authority of its commercial personnel agency work in accordance with Section 14 (1) Sentence 1 of the Industrial Code (Ge-wO). It is also in possession of a certificate from the authority confirming receipt of the notification in accordance with Section 15 (1) GewO.

Section 3 Remuneration

  1. Any agreed remuneration is subject to the statutory rate of VAT unless explicitly agreed otherwise. The remuneration consists of an agency fee for each caregiver provided.
  2. The salary or the trainee payment of each caregiver as well as the cost of any specialist courses or qualification recognition processes required and official fees in Germany will not be covered by the remuneration. Such costs must be borne separately by the Client.
  3. Even if a personnel agency contract has been terminated, the Client will owe the Person-nel Agency the agreed remuneration when a contract of employment is concluded be-tween a caregiver proposed by the Personnel Agency and the Client or a third party.

Section 4 Liability, warranty

  1. If a placed caregiver fails to take up their work, the Personnel Agency will be entitled to offer up to three equivalent caregivers within a deadline of eight weeks from the intended start of the work. In this case, the remuneration obligation will remain in place.
  2. The Personnel Agency will not be party to the contract of employment between the Client and the relevant caregiver. The caregiver is neither authorized by nor a vicarious agent of the Personnel Agency. No liability on the part of the Personnel Agency will therefore be accepted for damages or other obligations of the caregiver resulting from their work or breaches of the caregiver’s obligations towards the Client or institution.
  3. This disclaimer also relates to cases in which the caregiver fails to take up their work for reasons for which the Personnel Agency is not responsible. In particular, no liability will be accepted for delays in taking up the work resulting from delays in the issuing of a visa or work permit.
  4. The Personnel Agency will use its best endeavors to verify the caregiver’s identity as well as to check that they possess a professional license and the requisite technical qualifica-tions. However, the Client itself will also verify the identity of the caregiver and check that they possess a professional license and the requisite technical qualifications before the caregiver takes up their work.
  5. The Personnel Agency will only be liable for damages caused by a grossly negligent breach by the Personnel Agency, its legal representatives or vicarious agents of its duties in accordance with statutory provisions with the proviso that any such liability is limited to foreseeable damages typical for such a contract.
  6. No liability will be accepted for damages caused by a breach of its duties committed by the Personnel Agency, its legal representatives or vicarious agents owing to simple negli-gence unless the breach relates to a material contractual obligation, fulfilment of which is essential for proper execution of the contract in the first place and observance of which the contractual partner is relying on and may rely on (cardinal obligation) in which latter cases liability will be limited to foreseeable damages typical for such a contract.
  7. The Personnel Agency will not be liable for damages resulting from changes to statutory or official requirements occurring after the contract was concluded.
  8. The above disclaimers and liability restrictions also apply to any non-contractual claims and claims for the reimbursement of expenses.
  9. The Personnel Agency will only be liable for damages caused by a grossly negligent breach by the Personnel Agency, its legal representatives or vicarious agents of its duties in accordance with statutory provisions with the proviso that any such liability is limited to foreseeable damages typical for such a contract.

Section 5 Payment, due dates, set-off

  1. The remuneration will be due in full when the invoice is received by the Client. The Client will be in arrears 14 days after the due date without further notification by the Personnel Agency unless it has paid. Checks are only considered as payment on their encashment. Bills of exchange will only be accepted as settlement with prior agreement and on condi-tion that they can be discounted. Discount expenses will be charged from the date on which the invoice falls due.
  2. The Client may only offset uncontested claims or claims upheld by a court of law against the Personnel Agency’s payment claims. These set-off restrictions do not apply to any claims of the Client’s based on the provision of a service devoid of defects which are re-ciprocal to the Personnel Agency’s payment claims.

Section 6 Place of performance and jurisdiction

  1. If the Client is a businessman, a legal entity under public law, a special public fund or a person with no general place of jurisdiction in the Federal Republic of Germany, the place of jurisdiction for all disputes resulting from the business relationship between the Personnel Agency and the Client will be Hamburg. The Personnel Agency may also file a suit at the Client’s general place of jurisdiction. Mandatory statutory provisions regarding sole places of jurisdiction, e.g. for judicial reminders, will remain unaffected by this ar-rangement.
  2. The legal relationship between the Client and the Personnel Agency will be subject exclu-sively to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The mission statement of our company

Our company focuses on

  • placing foreign caregivers with organizations in the German-speaking health sector.
  • providing support to foreign caregivers to help them integrate

Alfa Personnel Care stands for a demand-driven, customer-oriented, high-quality, sustainable placement and integration service for foreign caregivers in organizations in the German-speaking health sector. Our efforts to continuously improve our service are centered on our customers, in other words both foreign caregivers and organizations in the German-speaking health sector. We have set ourselves the goal of meeting their needs to the fullest possible extent. Front and center is our commitment to fair, ethically defensible recruitment and placement practices based on principles which should also apply with respect to the deployment of foreign caregivers in organizations in the German-speaking health sector. We have also made a commitment to always act in line with the global Code of Conduct of the WHO (EnglishDeutsch) for the international recruitment of health professionals and we make reference to the international human rights conventions (EnglishDeutsch), the core labor standards (EnglishDeutsch) developed by the ILO (International Labor Organization), in particular with respect to the abolition of forced labor and child labor and the ban on discrimination in employment and at the workplace. We also refer explicitly to the ILO’s Guidelines to fair Recruitment from 2016 (EnglishDeutsch) as well as the IRIS standards (English) from 2019 (see Annex). We also subscribe to the Employer Pays Principle (English). We only work with organizations which recognize and meet the above-mentioned guidelines of the WHO, ILO, IRIS standards as well as the Employer Pays Principle.

In our personal dealings with customers, our top priority is to maintain a friendly, open, respectful, calm and attentive approach to our customers. Our employees represent our company positively in public through their personal demeanor and their conduct towards customers and other contacts. We work in a manner that is cost-conscious and driven by success. One important goal of our company is to continuously improve our services through the deployment of quality management and further education and training. We actively contribute our skills and expertise through advice and information.
We work constructively with our partners and adapt flexibly to regulations under residence laws and individual requirements. Within the team, we take personal responsibility in each area of employment and competence. Transparency, teamwork, openness and humanity are the leadership principles we live by. Through their work, each of our employees makes an important contribution to the overall achievements of our company. We cultivate an internal customer philosophy which means that within the company everyone regards each of their colleagues as a customer. Only this approach makes it wholly feasible to maintain a positive, external, customer-driven approach – i.e. our internal practices impact our external relationships.

Our overall goals are satisfied customers and employees as well as social recognition. In addition, as a signatory to the Diversity Charter, we are committed ...

  1. to maintaining an organizational culture marked by mutual respect and appreciation of every individual. We create the conditions in which managers and employees alike can recognize, share and embrace these values. Managers and supervisors are under a particular obligation in this regard.
  2. to reviewing our personnel processes and ensuring that they do justice to the diverse skills and talents of all employees as well as the standard of service we aim to deliver.
  3. to recognizing social diversity both inside and outside the organization, respecting the dormant potential within it and leveraging it profitably for the company or institution.
  4. to publishing a report every year on our activities and the progress made in fostering diversity and respect.
  5. to informing our employees about diversity and including them in the implementation of the Diversity Charter.

The Management
Processing status: November 1, 2021
Next review: November 1, 2023

Data protection notice

1. Data protection at a glance

General information

The following information provides a general overview of what happens to your personal data when you visit our website. Personal data includes all data with which you can be identified. Detailed information on data protection can be found in our data protection notice which is included below this text.

Data capture on our website

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How do we capture your data?
Your data are collected on the one hand by virtue of the fact that you provide us with such data. For example, these can be data which you enter in a contact form.

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Information on the controlling body

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The controlling body is the natural person or legal entity who/which individually or jointly decides on the purposes and means of processing personal data (such as names, email addresses, etc.).

Revocation of your consent to data processing

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Information, blocking, erasure

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3. Data capture on our website

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